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About Chippey AUM Church

History - Chippey African Union Methodist Church

In 1813, a group of African-American Methodists formed an independent denomination known as the African Union Church. It was the first incorporated religious body in the United States controlled entirely by African-Americans.

In 1866, the African Union Church was joined by the First Colored Methodist Protestant Church. Together they form the African Union Methodist Protestant Church (A.U.M.P.). This denomination experienced a great period of growth in the years following the Civil War due in large part to the efforts of Reverend Edward H. Chippey (1825-1900). 

In 1886, a site was purchased for use by church members residing in the Hockessin community. The house of worship that was constructed was known as "Chippey Chapel." It was rebuilt in 1896. A year later, the congregation was formally incorporated as Chippey A.U.M.P. Church. After many years of service, the old building was demolished in 1971 to make room for a new design. Through the hard work and financial support of its members, the construction of the new church was completed in June 1972. The congregation declared its independence in 1995, and in 1996 became formally known as Chippey African Union Methodist Church.

Today’s multicultural congregation continues the church’s legacy of helping transform lives through strengthening families and empowering individuals to achieve the impossible.



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