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Testimonials related to Chippey AUM Church

We were looking for an intimate location to hold an evening wedding.  During our search for the perfect spot, we decided to attend a morning worship service at Chippey and we were extremely impressed by Pastor Marshall and the congregation's welcoming of us.  They made us feel like family from the first moment we walked through the door.  After the service, we discussed our marriage plans with the Pastor and were encouraged to participate in pre-marital counseling with him.  We agreed and found these sessions to be very helpful in identifying our strengths and weaknesses as a couple.

Prior to our marriage, Pastor Marshall arranged for us to be baptized.  This event was attended by numerous members of the congregation.  We were married on November 20, 2009, during a candle light service.  Since our marriage, we continue to be a part of Chippey by attending Bible Study regularly on Wednesday evenings. We were looking for a location to hold our wedding, but found a place that feels like home.


~ Dan and Kelly McDowell


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